Even for our experienced rangers, it can be difficult to navigate the forest of restoration and conservation area RER. There are no paths or roads, vegetation is thick and the waterlogged soil can be [...]
Faced with a report of a five-metre crocodile further down the river, most people would head rapidly in the opposite direction. Instead Sidiq Purwanto, aged 25, went off in search of the reptile. As [...]
One of the ways RER supports the local community is by encouraging the production of non-timber forest products. In December 2017 Brad Sanders, Operation Head of RER, headed to Dusun Sangar of Pulau [...]
Riau Ecosystem Restoration’s (RER) efforts to restore the Kampar peninsula not only lie within forest restoration but also include local community development. There are around 17,000 people [...]
A new bird checklist listed 299 species of birds – many of them endangered - identified in the Riau Ecosystem Restoration (RER) conservation area of the Kampar Peninsula in Riau, Indonesia. That [...]
Being a forest ranger is an exciting and challenging job, and not only do you gain an increased knowledge of tree species, you get to see different animals such as tigers, sun bears and jungle [...]
One of the most effective ways to conserve Indonesia’s forests is to provide alternative sources of income to the local communities who otherwise depend on logging. It’s for that reason that [...]
PULAU PADANG – Monitoring wild animals in their natural habitat is not easy. That’s especially true in a dense and sometimes remote environment such as RER. The Sumatran Tiger for example is a [...]
Spreading catfish seeds by Head of Dusun 1, Selat Akar Village (3th from right ) with RER team of Pulau Padang.   PULAU PADANG - Wednesday (10/5), 50,000 of catfish seeds were released to three [...]