Meet the King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah), a snake which belongs to the Elapidae family. This reptile prefers to live in dense lowlands, in the presence of lakes and streams. It is endemic to forests [...]
Meet the White-winged Duck (Asarcornis scutulata), a bird which belongs to the Anatidae family. Besides Indonesia, where it is known as Mentok rimba, this bird is also native to Bangladesh, [...]
Restorasi Ekosistem Riau (RER) continues to assist the community of Sangar sub-village in Kampar Peninsula in improving their economic situation, with the development of new crops that the farmers in [...]
“When we talk about people of Sangar five or ten years ago, they sold wood logs and never planted anything. Now they are selling ginger – that’s a big difference.” These were the words of [...]
Meet the Malayan Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus), a mammal belonging to the Ursidae family. The bear is native to Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and [...]
Meet the Malaysian Giant Turtle (Orlitia borneensis), also known as the Bornean River Turtle or Malayan Giant Terrapin which belongs to the Geoemydidae family, the largest family of living [...]
Meet the Greater Green Leafbird (Chloropsis sonnerati), a bird which belongs to the Chloropseidae family. Besides Indonesia, where it is known as Cica-daun besar, this bird is also native to Brunei, [...]
Meet the Agile Gibbon (Hylobates agilis), also known as the black-handed gibbon.  The mammal, part of the Hylobatidae family, is native to Sumatra in Indonesia, where it is known as Owa ungko. The [...]
Meet the Wallago Catfish or Helicopter Catfish (Wallago leerii), a freshwater catfish which belongs to the Siluridae family. The fish is native to Southeast Asia, and Greater Sunda Islands of [...]