April 11, 2018

RER Posters at 8th Asian Wetland Symposium 2017: Excerpts

Restorasi Ekosistem Riau Restoration Ecology Team, comprising of Muhammad Iqbal and Prayitno Goenarto, participated in the 8th Asian Wetland Symposium in Saga, Japan in November 2017. At the symposium, which carried the theme ‘Wetlands for Sustainable Life’, Prayitno co-authored a poster on the ‘Biodiversity of the Kampar Peninsula’, while Iqbal presented on the ‘Status of White Winged Duck in Kampar Peninsula’.

The Kampar Peninsula has been said to possibly be the largest contiguous area of peatswamp forest remaining on Sumatra. Tropical peatland forests, with humid and acidic waterlogged conditions, foster an environment for a characteristic assemblage of flora and fauna.

You can access the excerpt of the symposium proceedings for the two mentioned posters here.


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