Established in 2013 by APRIL Group and located on the Sumatra’s eastern coastline, RER comprises 150,693 hectares of forest situated in two areas. 130,095 hectares are located at the heart of a 344,573 hectare forest block on the Kampar Peninsula, while Another 20,599 hectares are located on the nearby Padang Island. The restoration area at Kampar Peninsula is twice the size of Singapore.

RER began with the protection and restoration of 20,000 hectares of peat forest on the Kampar Peninsula. At COP 21 in Paris in December 2015, APRIL announced the expansion of this program to 150,000 hectares and declared a commitment of US$100 million for the first 10 years. By the end of 2020, the APRIL Group increased its commitment by investing US$1 for every ton of harvested fiber annually, for landscape conservation and restoration as part of the APRIL2030 commitment. Currently, RER is one of the largest private-sector-funded peatland restoration programs in Southeast Asia.

Today, the RER landscape is made up of five concessions operating under 60-year ecosystem restoration licences granted by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The five concessions are:

RER Special Report 2023